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Clinical and Precision Nutrition

Longevity and Weight Loss

Cardiovascular diseases

Neurodegenerative Diseases

Asthma, Bronchitis and Allergies

Autoimmune Diseases

Psychiatric Nutrition


Individual or Family Clinical Consultation with

Diet preparation;

Educational Actions, purchase guidance;

Training on Food Utilization and Ideal Preparation Methods;

Guidance on labels, Storage and Sanitation.


Food Reeducation based on the patient's complaints and difficulties.

Individual or Family with materials focused on behavioral change.

Interactive method with goal setting.

Genetic Tests for more accurate Diets, involving Metabolism, Vitamin and/or Mineral Deficiencies, Allergies, Genetic Inheritance of Pathologies, of genes associated with Sleep, Hunger, Obesity, among others. 

Did you know?

Organic processes involve the use of chemical elements, also from food. Deficiency or excess generate imbalances in chemistry and organic functioning.

Depending on the stage of life, sex, acquired pathology or need for recovery (healing, burns, surgeries) required food intakes differ.

Did you know?

Nutrition also plays an important role in mental health. 

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